Swimming Pool Service


OPENING: Remove and fold cover. Hose off deck and water bags and shock pool. Put ladders in and install eyeball fittings into the system. Assemble equipment, prime pump and start pool for a visual inspection. $320

START-UP ONLY: Includes everything the Opening service includes except the removal of the cover (cover should be off and water level must be 3/4 of the way into the skimmer). Chemicals included. $220


CLEAN & STORE COVER: Remove cover from pool and take to be cleaned and stored for the swim season. If cover is not cleaned and stored, it is taken off, folded and left at site. $165

WEEKLY CLEANING: Vacuum bottom of pool and skim top. Clean skimmer baskets, Polaris or Legend bags and pump pot. Test water and fill chlorinator. Monitor filter pressure and backwash when needed. Chemicals needed to maintain a proper pH and alkalinity level are included. An up-to-date record of pH, alkalinity, chlorine and filter pressure will be kept throughout the year. Chlorine tablets and shock will be delivered upon customer’s request and at an additional charge. $65 per week

TEST & BALANCE: Includes everything a weekly service includes except vacuuming and skimming. $45 per week


CLOSING: Drain pool, blow lines out, add antifreeze to skimmer line, drain and winterize equipment, add chlorine to water, fill water bags and install pool cover. $320

WINTERIZE ONLY: Blow lines, add antifreeze to skimmer line, drain and winterize equipment, add chlorine to water. $220


Package includes Opening your pool, Weekly Service from Memorial Day to Labor Day (or 15 weeks of Weekly Cleanings) and Closing your pool. If you choose to extend your swim season past the 15 weeks included in the package, we’d be happy to continue your Weekly Cleanings for an additional $60 per week (the same discounted package price). Your 15 weeks begin after your pool is ready for swimming. You will be billed on a monthly basis (or after every 5 weekly cleanings). $1,530

~ 1st pkg pmt – Opening – $315 ($5 savings)
~ 2nd pkg pmt – 5 weekly vacs – $300 ($5/vac savings)
~ 3rd pkg pmt – 5 weekly vacs – $300 ($5/vac savings)
~ 4th pkg pmt – 5 weekly vacs – $300 ($5/vac savings)
~ 5th pkg pmt – Closing – $315 ($5 savings)

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