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Pool Inspection

When purchasing a new home, it’s just common sense to have a home inspection. When considering the purchase of a new home with an in-ground swimming pool, it’s just common sense to have a pool inspection.

We offer full swimming pool inspections accompanied by a full written report so a home buyer knows the condition of a swimming pool. Our inspection starts with the condition of the pool’s interior finish, whether it’s a one-piece fiberglass, vinyl liner or plaster finish. Lines are pressure-tested to detect any leaks and water chemistry is evaluated. Every piece of pool equipment from pump to filter to heater and everything in between, is inspected for proper function, wear, approximate age, and efficiency. If a pool cover is available, it is also inspected and evaluated for condition and functionality, as well as approximate remaining life.

Once the inspection is completed, a written report is generated that includes approximate costs of any repairs or replacement of any parts or equipment that were discovered during the inspection, for the prospective home buyer’s use in moving forward with the purchase of a home with a pool. Whenever possible, we like to have the prospective homeowner meet us at the time of the inspection to answer any questions and explain how the pool operates.

Protect yourself from purchasing a new home with a pool that might end up unexpectedly costing thousands of dollars to get it up and running properly. Have us do a pool inspection so you know exactly what you’ll be getting.

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