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The plastic track and coping on this pool would not hold the vinyl liner in place. To replace the coping and track, the entire concrete deck had to be removed and new aluminum coping with track was installed. The pool floor was repaired and wall foam was installed. The new liner was put in and an entire new concrete pool deck was poured, giving this pool owner a brand new pool.

At Clear Blue Swimming Pool Service, we consider ourselves to be experts in the installation of new vinyl liners in in-ground swimming pools. We have installed literally hundreds of new vinyl liners. Some vinyl liner replacements are simply due to the liner’s age, 10-15 years of wear. Other times vinyl liners are replaced after only a few years due to damage from improper fit.

Measuring for a new vinyl liner is the most important step in installing a liner that fits. It’s like measuring for a new suit – every pool is different and accurate measurements are crucial to ensure that a new liner is installed properly to get maximum life.

Going from an old liner to a new isn’t as simple as it might seem. Once we remove the old liner, we inspect all pool walls and the pool floor to make sure they are structurally sound and undamaged. Repairing any damage or defect in a pool’s walls or floor is key to our customers getting the maximum life from a new liner, typically 10 to 15 years.

We offer free estimates and stand behind our liners and installation 100%.

Mark O’Brien, owner and operator, welcomes customer phone calls, which are forwarded directly to his phone. He answers any questions he can over the phone and often times can help our customers troubleshoot a problem, saving them the cost of a service call. So please feel free to call! Our office number is 314-831-6364.

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